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Carburettor Regulations – Formula Blue

During post-race scrutineering at the race meeting held at Mansell Raceway on the
weekend of 26th March.  

Two competitors racing in the Formula Blue Class,   were found to have carburettors which did not comply with the scrutineering criteria. 
They were however correctly marked as HL360A , as listed in the regulations.    

Subsequent verification from the factory confirmed that these carburettors were from a much earlier production which had a different configuration. The carburettors in question had not been modified and as such were within the regulations as they stood. The only identification difference was the batch number (which is not currently regulated within the rules).  

As a consequence and following this advice, the original race result stands.

Moving forward, taking into account the above and in order to maintain a level ‘playing field’ with equal access for all competitors, carburettors ( as supplied for Formula Blue) will now be supplied marked and sequentially numbered.  Although these carbs will be available for immediate use, the requirement for their sole use will not apply until next season. 

In the meantime, only batch numbers, as posted on the official webpage,  that have been verified as compliant, will be allowed for competition. This will come into effect on 1st May.

Batch number 005 will not be allowed with immediate effect. 
for more info regarding regulation please view race class info. drop down menu Junior Blue & or Formula Blue or click the link here 

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