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It has come to the attention of the class regulator that some engines may be in use, which do not conform with the class regulations.  The Regulations are posted,  as per Reg.FB1.12,  on the, race class info. Menu tab,  then Formula Blue drop down menu.

The following is stated –

Clarifications of regulations  ( box stock class) 
No engine modifications allowed whatsoever.  All functions to be as designed and intended.  Cylinder base gasket – IAME 0.4 ( 0.4 minimum).  Unless it states that you can do it you cannot.

Under regulations FB1.4  It states …. functions must remain in the condition as intended and designed.  No other modifications or alterations are permitted …. The engine must be raced in standard form, as manufactured….The addition of material to any component is not allowed.

It may be the case that,  in certain engines,  more than one cylinder base gasket is being used, probably in an attempt to raise the cylinder port heights.

TO CLARIFY  – The engines are in the box stock form,  supplied assembled with one 0.4mm cylinder base gasket.  This is exactly how the engines were manufactured to be used.  The squish (piston/head clearance) is free to allow for drivers using castor based oils, which produce carbon deposits,  not to fall foul of a minimum clearance requirement. 
 – The only cylinder base gasket allowed is the official IAME one of  0.4  mm thickness.  In use,  this gasket may, over a period of time, compress.  Therefore a minimum of is allowed for a correct but ‘used’ gasket.   The ‘Guidelines and interpretations’  have been further clarified to eliminate any assumed vagaries and help ensure full complicity with the regulations.  
 For more details please view race class info.  on the  website   ( on race class menu tab, then Formula Blue drop down menu)   

Thank you for your attention.

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