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Formula Blue is listed as a ‘box stock economy/club class’,  As such the engine as raced, must be identical to the original and unmodified or unaltered in any way.  This protects competitors from exorbitant parts costing the ‘earth’,  and possible unscrupulous engine preparation by firms who use these modified parts and then charge well over the odds for alleged ‘ winning’ preparation.  This also eliminates the need for indefinite periods of testing of each optional part as and when they are produced.   There are various alternative ‘ free for all’  classes available to drivers where the ‘depth of their pocket’  is directly linked to success.  This is not the intention of the Formula Blue Class!
In order to preserve equality of competition certain key regulations are in place to protect all racers.  These are available on, race class info.  menu tab; then Formula Blue drop down menu.  Under Reg. FB1.4  it is stated ‘ the following parts must be marked and be sequentially numbered by TABOR:  Cylinder,  crankcase, clutch, clutch drum, ignition ( matched…)  piston, ECU & Carburettor.  It further states ‘ These sequentially marked numbers must be recorded with… TABOR  prior to racing.  All marked parts are checked prior to sale.  This negates the often used standard response if  ‘caught’    using a non-box stock standard part  –  “it came like that”.   The sequential number,  which is kept in a database, allows us to know who bought the part and to which engine it was fitted.  All these controls allow us to eliminate the use of non-standard,  performance enhancing parts and to help eliminate any ‘rogue ‘ engine parts/preparation from the supply chain.
Competitors or engine builders are required to submit these details at the time of purchase and/or fitment.  Failure to do so will lead to exclusion at post-race scrutineering.  Most,  not all ( firms employed in engine work) comply with this requirement.    It is, however, the competitors responsibility to ensure that this regulation is complied with,  as it is they who will suffer the consequences of exclusion, if non-compliant.
It is absolutely essential that rules, when put in place,  are then policed to ensure that competitors who comply,  are not disadvantaged by racing against unregulated competition.  Therefore, the scrutineering staff will be alerted to the requirement of declaring the sequentially numbered parts.

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