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 NKRA GRANDE FINALS, 1st  September 2019 at the Forest Edge Race Circuit. Additional Supplementary Regulations for NKRA Grande Final  Competitors 

  1. The following NKRA classes are accepted for the meeting – Honda Cadets and  Formula Blue.
  2. Formula Blue will have 4 heats and a Final.  Grid positions will be computer-generated, to produce equality in the heats. Cadet Honda will be as per the Forest Edge Club supplementary regulations. 
  3. The entry fee for the weekend is £ 85.  Entries for the meeting will open on the issue of these regulations and close 10 days prior to the event,  on Wednesday 21st August.  Late entries may be accepted but will be placed at the rear of the grid for each heat and be charged non-members fees and any applicable late entry fee.
  4. Withdrawal after the closing date will result in the full entry fee being charged. Withdrawal before the closing date will result in a  £ 20 admin charge.   
  5. NKRA trophies will be awarded on a 1 in 4 basis, as per the NKRA Sporting Regulations.   Trophies on the day ( first over the line) as per Forest Edge  K.C. SR’s.   
    The Regional Trophy Presentation will be held at Race Control on Saturday
    from  15 minutes after the last practice session of the day.
  6. TYRES: as per MSA regulations  (For Formula Blue, for details – please view race class info. page on www.    Tyres are limited to one dry set per meeting.  Wet tyres are unrestricted.  Formula Blue Tyres will be by compulsory controlled purchase and will be available on Saturday afternoon, the exact time and area for collection to be notified at the event.  Tyres collected on Saturday must be returned to the area as designated on the day, in a secure tyre bag,  and deposited between 5. 30 pm and 6.30 pm on Saturday evening.   Sunday – these tyres will be available for collection on Sunday morning between  8.00 am  – 8.30 am. 
  7. Post-race scrutineering will take place as normal, however, if deemed necessary by the scrutineer, the first  3 will be taken to the importers for a more detailed inspection by the eligibility scrutineer.  The driver, or an elected representative, will be able to be present.   In this event, all results, announced on the day,  are deemed provisional until all aspects of scrutineering are completed. 
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