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Continuing on from the previous round, Sam Mitchell dominated the Junior Blue final round at Forest Edge. Scoring 0 points with a lights to flag win he claimed the reinstated Junior Blue Challenge 1st place overall. Behind him, Rhys Read took 2nd overall with Jamie Dart taking 3rd place.
In the Formula Blue class, Anthony Cleal also took a minimum of points to win. His win, however, was not uncontested! Taylor Waldron, back from University, pushed him all the way, finishing a mere 0.62 seconds behind. 3rd place on the day was Russell O’Neill on 6 points, with Ben Joseph 4th on 8 points. 5th overall was Billy Thomas on 12 points.
The drive of the day had to go to Rich Puddle who, having run-in on Saturday had a series of issues during the heats, not least of which was starting at the bak, a consequence of a late entry. In the Final, he started 17th and then stormed through to finish 5th with an equal fastest lap of the Final! In the Championship standings, Cleal is the clear victor. Mike Bell having DNF’d in the Final, lost the 2nd Series place to Russell O’Neill, with Ben Joseph snatching 3rd. Serita Shone finished 5th overall.
In the Blue Master sub-class, it was Anthony Cleal again the victor from Russell O’Neill and Ben Joseph, with Billy Thomas in 4th and Paul Alexander in 5th. the Championship win goes to Cleal from O’Neill, Joseph, Alexander with rob Mortimore finishing in 5th place.
Cleal again takes the Blue Veteran group from Alexander and Mortimore. David Goode finishes 4th by 1 point, with David Waldon 7 points adrift.
Goode did, however, take the Legend section, having led it for most of the year. 2nd overall goes to Kevin O’Neill from Ron Shone.
Ben Joseph was in stunning form in the Blue Top Weight sub-class, winning both the Final plus the day with 0 points and the overall Championship on only 16 points, after 7 rounds. 2nd on the day was Billy Thomas, who secured 4th place in the Championship. Mortimore was 3rd on the day allowing him to become the Championship runner-up, from Ron Shone.

With the Blue Challenge completed, for this season, drivers have 5 weeks before the Grande Finals scheduled to be held at the Clay Pigeon Raceway on 10th October. Before then, however, is round 2 of the Two Counties Club Championships. this will take place on September 26th at Mansell Raceway.
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