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Young Men in BLUE ,Rule OK !!!

Young racers blitz the established racers at Round 2 of the 2 Counties Club Championships in the Formula Blue Class.   The Younger element of the 2 Counties Formula Blue class turned the tables on the established and more experienced racers at Round 2 of the 2 Counties Club Championships.  On a very hot day at Clay Pigeon Raceway in July,  Jake Calvert,  Toby Cook, Mitch McLeod and Luke Lattimer raced the Final,  locked together in a display of racing skills well worth of their older racing competitors whom they soundly beat on the day.  Although Mitch McLeod won the Final race,  it was Jake Calvert who took the day with a pole and 2nd.  The results opened up the Club Champs with Ian Branfield still in the overall lead but with Calvert & Mitch McLeod separating him from arch rival Duncan McLoed. 
David Goode won the Master group but shared the win in the Veteran and Legend sections with Ron Shone. 
The outstanding day’s performance from Mitch McLeod promoted him into the lead of the Top Weight category ahead of Branfield, the previous club leader. 
In the Cadet Honda class,  Joshua Whittington -Crouch and Thomas Cucurallo-Yeomans shared the points on the day promoting them to 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Club Championship, just behind Ethan Leader.
Competitors now have a 2-month break in the 2 Counties Champs before Round 3, again at Clay Pigeon on September 10th.

For more details  see the results page on this website OR  CLICK HERE

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