Introduction to Junior Kart Racing

Are you age 11 to 16?

Are you interested in the exciting sport of Kart Racing?

Tabor Karting in conjunction with 2 Counties Kart Club will be offering a
series of  free initial test drives during 2022
There is also the option of a free engine on loan for the rest of this year!
(subject to conditions)

Details of how to book your free test drive and how to progress to club racing are given below.
Also there are FAQs to help you answer those inevitable questions about what comes next.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to book your test drive:
Contact      Russell O’Neill   07932 468923  

Tabor Karting     01305 774074  /   mail@planetkarting.co.uk             

Also see:   Planet Karting Website       www.planetkarting.uk

The small print:
For the test drive you will be expected to pay the circuit an insurance fee – typically £5 – £10
The free trial is limited to one session of up to 10 minutes.
The free trial must be pre-booked for date, time, and circuit.

Junior Kart Racing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Tabor Karting Specialists?
Tabor Karting specialists have been at the sharp end of kart racing for over 46 years and are suppliers of all kart racing equipment and accessories.  The main focus of their business is on the Formula Blue and Junior Blue kart racing classes.   They are the sole importers of the Italian LYNX, MAXI & LEOPARD range of kart racing engines and the German BEBA Tyres, as well as importers of the Italian MAC racing kart and Tillotson carburettors.     

Who are 2 Counties Kart Club?
We are a relatively small kart club benefitting from a friendly, family- inclusive atmosphere. Although not being linked directly to any track, we travel around various locations in the UK mainly based in the south. We actively support all “grass route level” competitors with friendly advice, information and help where needed (along with some banter). And we have a great range of trophies awarded at an evening event each year.

What Kart Racing Class are we promoting?
Junior Blue: This class is unique in having a range of carburetor restrictors that reflect the weight of driver and kart. This means that everyone, regardless of body weight, can race equally.  Weight makes a difference to performance – this system equals out the differences.

What are the ages for Junior Kart Racing?
From 11 to 16.
At 16 you may progress to Senior Blue with the same equipment (with a change of restrictor).

What are racing dates and circuits?            
See www.planetkarting.uk – fixtures menu

I like it! What do I need and how much will it cost?

  • Personal. A racing suit, boots, gloves, and helmet. Optional rib protector. Total cost approx. £ 400 –
    £ 450
    Please note: Racing suits must be to CIK standard. Helmets are specific to karting and must be to MSUK standard.
  • A kart. We would recommend a good second-hand kart to start with. Approx. starting cost  £800
  • An engine. Formula Blue water cooled, electric start complete with exhaust, control box and wiring, and carburetor. Please note these engines are “box stock” and cannot be modified in any way, thereby eliminating potentially prohibitive ‘tuning’ costs.
    They are available second-hand, but we strongly recommend that they are not purchased without a full check and report confirming they comply. Tabor Karting can do this for £24.
    A complete new engine is £2,190 – complete with all accessories.  £1,660 – less accessories.
  • A toolkit. Metric socket set, spanners, pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, Allen keys and tyre gauge are a minimum.
  • Transport. A way of getting kart and equipment to the circuit – and home again!

What do I do and what will it cost to practice with my own equipment?

  • Practice fee. Payable to the circuit. Typically, approx. £50 per day per driver.
  • Fuel. Supreme/Super unleaded petrol – typically 5l a day.
    This MUST be mixed with race oil or your engine will seize within minutes!  We recommend Castrol A747 mixed 250 ml.  to 5 litres of fuel. You will need an accurate measuring jug for this.
  • Coolant. Water can be used but we recommend motorcycle coolant.
  • Tyres. Old tyres are fine for practice to start with. Speak to any of the front runners for purchasing their 2nd hand tyres.

What will it cost to go racing?

  • Club Membership. You will need to belong to a Club. 2 Counties membership is £20 for juniors.
    For new Junior members we are offering free membership for 2022.
  • NKRA membership. This is optional as you can race in each circuit’s championship.
    But the NKRA is a specific Championship held over more than one circuit and with trophies and awards.
    Entry to the NKRA Series can bring the offer of a free engine (less accessories) on loan for the current year, for Junior BLUE Racing when purchased at the same time as a Kart ( used or new).  There will be a servicing cost of approx. £250 at 500km. Apply to Tabor Karting.
  • An ARKS test to demonstrate your competence to race. Arrange with a circuit of your choice. There will be a small fee.
  • A Kart racing licence from MSUK. A Motorsport UK ‘Go Karting’ Starter Pack costs £59 and includes the cost of your first karting licence. You can purchase this from shop.motorsportuk.org
    Initially, you will have a “Novice” licence. This means you will start at the back of the grid at each meeting.
    At the end of the meeting, the Clerk of Course will sign your licence and after 5 signatures you can upgrade to a full licence.
  • An entry to a meeting. Typically,  approx.  £60 for the race day. This will include practice (3 laps), 3 heats and a final race. 
  • Tyres. Formula Blue have tyres that will last two or three meetings with practicing, (approx. 200 laps), but a new set of tyres will give a slightly quicker time for the first 20 laps or so. New slick (dry weather) tyres are £169 a set. Wet weather tyres are £185.

What are the references for further information?

  • 2 Counties Kart Club. Look under the 2CKC tab on www.planetkarting.uk
  • MSUK. Motorsport UK has information on its website.
  • MSUK “Blue Book” for racing rules and regulations. It comes with your licence or is available online. Look for the “Karting” sections.
  • Formula Blue engine and class specifications. Look at www.planetkarting.uk 
    Or contact TABOR KARTING for more information.   01305 774074 /  mail@planetkarting.co.uk
  • 2 Counties Technical regulations. Look at www.planetkarting.uk – 2 counties menu

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