Any Additional supplementary regulations for NKRA Grande Finals at Mansell Raceway on 26/27th August will be posted nearer the time. 





PERMIT NUMBER: CH2017/K024 (Grade: C),



The National Kart Racing Association Championship is organized and administered by the National Kart Racing Association in accordance with the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Championship Regulations.

1.1.1     PURPOSE

To provide a driver’s Championship organised on a regional basis for clubman drivers in the following classes: Cadet Honda, Cadet IAME, Minimax,  Junior Blue, Formula Blue, Rotax Max. Some events may be coincident ( same track, same date) with other regions permitting  the calculation of  unified results

1.1.2       LICENCE

MSA Championship Permit No.  TBA

Status: National B

MSA Championship Grade: C

1.2         OFFICIALS

1.2.1       The Co-ordinator – Mrs. Julie Shone

1.2.2        Eligibility Scrutineers – Mr. D. Truman.   Mr. R. Freeman

1.2.3        Championship Stewards – Mr. Alan Cleal, Mr. Howie Chappell, Mrs.Karen  Langham.


1.3.1       Drivers and Entrant/Driver must be fully paid up, valid membership card holding members of an N.K.R.A. member Club,  be registered for the championship and be in possession of a valid Competition Licence,  Kart  National B (Novice).- as a minimum.  Or, be a professional driver in possession of a valid Licence (featuring an E.U. flag) and medical, issued by the ASN of a member country of the European Union.

1.3.2      A competitor shall not take time off school to participate in motorsport without the prior written approval of their school. If participation in the Championship requires absence from school, Drivers in full-time school education are required to have the approval of their head teacher and a letter stating such approval from his/her school in order to fulfil registration for the Championship.

1.3.3         All necessary documentation must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing on.

1.4           REGISTRATION
1.4.1        Registration is by the registration form. Registration forms may be downloaded from the NKRA Information area at or obtained from the NKRA coordinator or regional representative at any round

1.4.2        Registration is achieved when a completed registration form and the fee has been received and accepted by the coordinator, or an appointed or authorised deputy.

1.4.3        All members of an MSA registered Kart Club affiliated to the National Kart Racing Association are eligible to apply to register. The NKRA reserve the right to refuse registrations.

1.4.4        The registration fee for 2017 is £60.00

1.4.5         Any rounds completed before registration will not be counted. The event is assumed to start with the first heat for the relevant class. All competitors must be registered with the Coordinator before the start of the last round in order to qualify for an invitation to the Final.

1.4.6         A registered driver may take part in events outside his region, but will only be scored for the events in the region nominated in his registration form. A driver may compete in more than one region provided he has registered and paid for each region

2              STRUCTURE


2.1.1         The NKRA Championships are divided into two regions;, North England and Wales, Southern England and Wales and provides a regional championship for all NKRA classes. There will be a Grande Final for 1 class in each of the Cadet, Junior and Senior categories. For this year the classes are Honda Cadet, Junior Blue and Formula Blue.

The Junior and Formula Blue classes have additional rounds, the Blue Challenge and the  `0` plate event, to enable the award of prestigious numbers recognized at NKRA events nationally.
2.1.2         Championship structure

Event Category
Boundary Classes
NKRA Regional North England and Wales

South England and Wales

  All NKRA Classes


Regional Challenge

(Blue Challenge

North England and Wales

South England and Wales 

  Formula Blue  Junior Blue
Coincident Event

: Blue ‘zero’ plate


All Areas Formula Blue

Junior Blue

Coincident Event

: Grande Final

All Areas Formula Blue

Junior Blue

Honda Cadets


2.1.3     Dates, Venues and Organising Clubs

The fixtures calendar is found at


    ** indicates the rounds in the `BLUE CHALLENGE` which  carry a 100 points non-attendance penalty which can not be dropped

2.2           ‘Zero’ PLATE

2.2.1        The ‘Zero’ plate is open to any driver in Formula Blue or Junior Blue classes who is a registered member of an NKRA Championship (North or South)

2.2.2.       The ‘Zero’ plate is awarded to the  NKRA driver with the lowest combined Grid and Finish points.

2.2.3        For calculating the points for Blue event scoring, the normal grid and finish position in the final are added together

2.2.4        Although all regions are free to enter the ‘0’Plate event, when it is used for Blue event scoring for the NKRA Championship, equalisation is not applied.

2.2.5        For the purposes of the  Regional Challenges, non-attendance at the ‘0’ plate event carries a 100 point penalty

2.3           GRANDE FINAL

2.3.1        A Grande Final will be held for one class in each category, Cadet, Junior, Senior. For 2017, the classes are Honda Cadet, Junior Blue, Senior Blue..

2.3.2        The Grande  Final is by invitation following qualification.  Registration for the  Championship does not  automatically guarantee entry to the Grande Final.

2.3.3        All classes will be subject to a minimum entry. This will normally be 4 karts except in special circumstances

2.3.4         All Classes will be subject to a maximum entry. This will normally be set at a Full “B” final grid dependent on the maximum grid size for the chosen track.

2.3.5       Invitations will normally be extended to the top drivers in each region as identified by the Regional Award placings, scaled to the number of drivers registered in that region in proportion to the total number of drivers registered for that class. If drivers indicate that they do not wish to take up the invitation, the NKRA committee may offer the invitation to another driver of any region at their discretion.

2.3.6         The NKRA may decline to invite any driver who has been banned by their club or the NKRA Championship Stewards  or received punishment under MSA regulation C1.1.9

2.3.7         Competitors will be able to ascertain their overall  standing prior to the Grande Finals as per


2.4.1          Points Gained in each NKRA Event       The Event Result is achieved by adding together position on the ‘Final’ start                      grid, as posted, plus the ‘Final’ position-at-the finish, as posted.        Points are scored as follows:-    1st =  0 points; 2nd = 2 points; 3rd = 3 points, etc.  down to last place.    Where  non-finishers are placed in a finishing order by the host club, they will score points   allocated by position, where non-finishers are not placed in finishing order by the host club they    will score points of  grid  +  1.     Non-starters for the Final will score grid  +  1.     Race meeting non-attendees will score 100 points.     Exclusion from a final scores 50 points,     Exclusion from the meeting scores 100 points.     Should any driver be totally excluded from a meeting, for any reason, they cannot drop that round. It will count as one of their results. MSA General Regulations (C 3.5.1)will apply with the exception of Penalty ‘C’ which will not apply.     In the event of non-NKRA registered drivers participating in the race, they will be discounted from the results for the purpose of scoring NKRA points. NKRA scores are derived by taking the positions and order of the NKRA registered drivers and not the actual race finish order.

2.5           Aggregate points in Regional Awards

2.5.1          Supplementary Non-Attendance Penalty.  A penalty of 3 points will be awarded for each of the Regional Award Events that a driver fails to attend. These do not affect the scores within the regional awards but are carried forward into the Grande Final. The maximum number of supplementary points is 12

2.5.2          Drop Option: The Regional Awards totals are calculated on the basis of one discounted score.( 2017: 4 out of 5 scores) but see 2.10 (Tie breaking). In the event of one or more cancelled meetings in the regional awards, then all completed rounds will score without a drop option.

2.6           Aggregate Points in Regional Challenge

2.6.1          Drop Option: The Regional Challenge are calculated on the basis of one drop option round (2017 8 out of 9) In the event of one or more cancelled meetings in the regional award, then all completed rounds will score without a drop option.

2.6.2         In the Regional Challenge the ‘0’ plate and last round carry a 100 point non-attendance penalty which cannot be dropped

2.7           Aggregate Points in Grande Final

2.7.1                      Nil.

2.8            Calculations for  NKRA Championship awards, titles and trophies

2.8.1         Regional Award      The Regional Awards are scored by adding the points scored in each event for each driver registered by region, then and ordering the drivers in a region from lowest to highest. The drivers with the lowest points within any region win the awards for that region

2.8.2         Regional Challenge       The Regional Challenge Events scores are first equalised (see 2.8.3 Equalisation.), then added to the Grande Final Event Scores.  They are summed for each driver and the drivers from all the regions ordered from lowest to highest. The prestigious numbers are awarded on the basis of these calculation, with the lowest  score winning the lowest number.

2.8.3         Equalisation.       Since the NKRA Championship is a regional and national championship , awards made on the basis of regional events combined with the Grande Final are equalised.      To equalize scores from the Regional Challenge, when different numbers of    drivers are competing in each region, the final scores are scaled by percentage   as follows;  by dividing the National overall total of registered drivers in the  class, by the Regional overall total of drivers in the class and then multiplying    by  the driver’s own position in the event.

Eg:  Region A has 35 drivers of a national total of 100

A Driver  gains 5th place in an event

His equalised score for the event is 100/35×5=14.28

Region B has 30 Drivers. A Driver gains 5th place in an event

His equalised score for the event is 100/30×5=16.66      These scores are to be  finalized and circulated at least 7 days prior to the Grande Finals to ensure competitors are aware of their overall position and requirements going into the   Grande Final.

2.8.4         Grande Final Winner      The first past the post regardless of starting grid position wins the host club trophy for the event. The NKRA do not offer a trophy for this winner of the Grande Finale event.

2.8.5         NKRA Grande Champion      The NKRA Grande Champion is determined by adding the combined score  of  the supplementary penalty points from the regional award events plus the event points( The sum of Grid and Finish points)from the Grande Final.

2.8.6           Formula Blue and Junior Blue Awards       The sum of the equalised scores from the Regional Challenge events plus the day points for the Grande Final are ordered from lowest to highest. Awards are given to the drivers with the lowest points.       It should be noted that the regional award rounds constitute  8of the  9 regional challenge rounds. In the event of a tie see 2.10.       In the event that the Grande Final is cancelled  then the positions for the awards   will be     calculated from the regional positions. In the event that the Final for Formula Blue or Junior Blue is unable to be run but the heats have been run, the Final Grid Positions will be used as finishing positions  to calculate the Grande Final portion of the  awards  

2.9       Summary of Scoring / Awards

Award type Basic Score Equalisation Title
Regional award Regional Awards no Regional Champion
  Regional Challenge no No award at regional level:  See Blue class awards
Annual Trophies      
Grande Champion Non-attendance penalty points      (2.5.1) plus Grande Final points no Grande Champion of  NKRA
Blue Class awards Equalised Regional Challenge    Plus Grande Final Points YES NKRA Awards
‘0’ Plate ‘0’Plate event no              “0’ Plate

2.10    Resolution of ‘ties’:   A tie shall be resolved by:

2.10.1         In the ‘O’ plate :                              1)     the highest finisher in the Final

2.10.2         In the Regionals :

1)     the lowest  discounted score

2)    the order of total points for round 1 ; lowest score wins

3)    ascending  order across the finishing line in round 1; best place wins.

4)    ascending order on the grid for the final in round 1; best place wins.

2.10.3         In the Grande Final:

1)    ascending order across the finishing line in the  Final;  best place wins.

2)     ascending order on the grid, in the Final;  best place wins.

2.11         AWARDS AND PRIZES

2.11.1       For the Regional Championships- one trophy per 4 entries in each class.

2.11.2       For the Grande Final – one trophy per. 4 entries in each class.

2.11.3       For Junior Blue / Formula Blue – Numbers 0 – 10 will be awarded for use for one year at NKRA recognised events  until the next ‘O’ plate /  Grande Final event.

2.11.4       Trophy presentation to take place during the Grande Finals weekend for Honda Cadets,  Junior & Formula Blue.  Winners must be present to collect awards unless there is a valid reason.

Racing at another meeting is not considered a valid reason. Regional trophies will be given to competitiors’s host club who will ensure appropriate presentation.

2.11.5       Sponsored prizes will be given to the winners of the prize, however  see 2.12.3


2.12.1       Title to awards – In the event of any provisional result or Championship tables being revised after any provisional presentation and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards, the competitor concerned must return such awards to the National Kart Racing Association in good condition within 7 days.

2.12.2       Annual awards must be returned to the NKRA event co-ordinator at least one month before the Grande Final each year.

2.12.3       Where a sponsor has chosen to present  a prize at  a pre-arranged ceremony, the competitor may not be absent without notification or reason. Under such circumstances of absence, the prize may be withheld at the sponsor’s discretion. Racing at another event is not a valid reason.


In accordance with Section C of the current MSA Yearbook, (with the exception of  C 3.5.1 ( c)), and the 20XX table of mandatory Penalty Regulations appended to these regulations.



4.1            Entries

Supplementary regulations and entry forms will be available to all  Championship members in  sufficient time for entries to be made prior to the closing dates. Competitors are responsible for sending    in correct and complete entries with the correct fee to arrive prior to the closing dates, which will be   shown in the S.R’s.

4.1.1        Entries will only be acknowledged by request and when a S.A.E. is enclosed  with the entry for that  purpose.

4.1.2        The entry fee will be according to the S.R.’s for each meeting.

4.1.3        The entry fee will only be refunded if withdrawn in accordance with the host club’s SRs.

4.2           PRACTICE

Official practice will be at least the minimum period as specified in the MSA   Regulations

4.3          GRID POSITIONS

4.3.1         The maximum grid will not exceed the MSA Track Licence requirements for each track.

4.3.2         For all classes, the grid positions will be allocated by ballot except when  specified otherwise in the S.R.’s

4.4           RACES

4.4.1         Race duration will be as specified in the S.R.’s for the meeting.

4.4.2         Heats and Finals duration may be reduced in wet weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances and will be announced on the dummy grid accordingly prior to the race. Changes can also be made during racing for safety   reasons.

4.5           SCRUTINEERING

4.5.1         Pre-race will be as per S.R’s.   All competitors will be given a scrutineering card where they have SOLE   responsibility to fill it in correctly and hand to the scrutineer a pre race scrutineering.  This must contain the following information – Drivers name, class and race number, the chassis unique number as MSA  U1.1.3 and  each engine’s unique number. The card must be signed by the driver. These cards will be the only method used to check that each competitor is using at all times the equipment declared and presented by him/her at pre-race scrutineering.

4.5.2         At any post race scrutineering the chassis and engine number must be those stated on the scrutineering card. Should it be found that the chassis or engines do not comply to the above requirements it will be considered to be a matter of fact for which there will be no appeal.

4.5.3         Post race scrutineering will take place after heats and finals and all results are deemed provisional until all karts are released by the Scrutineer and/or after completions of any Judicial or Technical procedures, including the testing of fuel, which may take several days.

4.6             RESULTS

4.6.1         All results from the days racing will be posted as provisional for a period of 30 minutes excepting any outstanding judicial or technical matters. Any changes to the original provisional results will be published

4.6.2         Championship points tables will be posted on internet  after each round and after the final round.  They will become final 7 days after the posting date provided no queries are received as per  C 6.5 anyone wishing to have the results posted  to them, must supply 5 stamped and addressed envelopes at the time of Registration.  Any queries regarding points must reach the co-ordinator in writing within 7 days of the points being posted



MSA 20XXSpecific Karting Technical Regulations apply together with the 20XXMSA Kart Race Year Book Regulations and any M.S.A. approved U1.1.3 Technical regulations.


5.2.1         Arising from post-race scrutineering or Judicial Action, an exclusion from the whole meeting will incur MSA regulations C3.5.1 (a) & (b)in an exclusion from a race (heat or final) the penalty will be decided by the Clerk of the Course on that day.

5.2.2         Infringement of non-technical MSA regulations and the Sporting regulations issued herewith and individual S.R.’s as per 20XXMSA Judicial Procedure Regulations.

6              RACE CLASSES

Cadet Honda, Cadet IAME, Minimax, Junior Blue, Formula Blue, Rotax Max
7               LIMITATIONS

7.1           CHASSIS – All classes will be allowed to enter one chassis.

7.1.1         In the event of an accident, during a race, in which the competitor has not finished and has   received maximum non- finishing penalty points, a frame exchange may be allowed.   The damaged kart   must be shown to the Eligibility Scrutineer prior to leaving the circuit and park ferme.  The Eligibility Scrutineer must be satisfied that the frame is beyond repair.  The replacement frame must be bare i.e. no  parts fitted and CIK homologation as the original.  Once the frame exchange has been completed the  original and damaged frame must be deposited with the Scrutineers prior to continued involvement in the race meeting.


 7.2             ENGINES- All classes are allowed two engines.

7.3             Formula Blue & Junior Blue Official Restrictors / Weights – as per NKRA list as posted on website in the Race Class info menu section / Junior Blue or Formula Blue.

8                ADVERTISING


Competitors will be required to carry advertising stickers as supplied, and in the position specified, by a sponsor of the Championships. The nosecone (Front Bumper)  and  the nassau  panel will be reserved for this purpose and may not bear other advertising at NKRA events.  The stickers may be obtained from the NKRA representative for each area.

The visor will carry the NKRA Sticker, as supplied, at NKRA events

8.2             OTHER AREAS.

 There are no restrictions on the use of advertising apart from  8.1, however they must not interfere with the visibility of  race numbers.

KARTING  PENALTIES  –  Summary of Mandatory Penalties

The following penalties are as defined on the Clerks Decision Notification and accompanied by the Clerks Decision Notification Explanations issued by MSA.  These are mandatory penalties.

INFRINGEMENT / DESCRIPTION                                PENALTY

(C)2.3.2.               Gaining an Unfair Advantage      5 place or 1 lap Penalty

(C)1.1.5.               Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety      Race Exclusion

(C)1.1.5.               Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety – Aggravated Contact                  

                             Meeting Exclusion &Referral to Meeting Stewards

(C)1.1.6.               Contravention of flag signal before or after Race –
                             ¼ Black/Yellow / Yellow  5 Place Penalty

(C)1.1.6.               Contravention of flag signal during Race -¼ Black/Yellow / Yellow             
                             Race Exclusion

(C)1.1.6.               Contravention of flag signal  -Ignore Technical Flag Twice,  Black Flag

(C)1.1.6.               Contravention of flag signal -Black Flag (ignored more than once) Meeting Exclusion

(C)1.1.9.               Abusive Language, Behaviour or Assault –            Race Exclusion (4 points) & Referral               

                             to Meeting Stewards

(C)1.1.9.               Abusive Language, Behaviour or Assault –Serious             Meeting Exclusion (6 points) & Referral to Meeting Stewards