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NKRA ASR’s 2021


Additional Supplementary Regulations (1) for  N.K.R.A. 2021

  1. The entry fee for the weekend is negotiated at  Club members rates.  Entries will close Midnight ( Saturday)  7  days prior to the event.   Late entries may be accepted but will be placed at the rear of the grid for each heat.
  2. Withdrawal after the closing date will result in the full entry fee being charged. Withdrawal before the closing date will result in a  £ 20 admin charge.   (Or at the discretion of the host club)
  3. Post-race scrutineering will take place as normal,  however,  if deemed necessary by the scrutineer,  the first  3 will be taken to the importers for a more detailed inspection by the eligibility scrutineer.  The driver, or an elective representative,  will be able to be present.   In this event,  all results, announced on the day, are deemed provisional until all aspects of scrutineering are completed.

Additional Supplementary Regulations (2) for the Formula Blue Class. 

To complement post-race scrutineering and to ensure compliance with the requirement for Marked Parts and Sequential numbering,  a Formula Blue specific additional Scrutineering Card will be issued,  where the sequentially numbered parts must be listed against the engine(s) in use.

The sequentially numbered parts are: 
This will be extra to the standard scrutineering card,  as supplied by the host club,  and must be presented to the scrutineer at the time of pre-race scrutineering.   If during the meeting the information becomes incorrect (eg: one changes the clutch) the scrutineers must be informed in writing. ( eg:  Go see the  scrutineer and change the card.)

In the event of the scrutineer requiring sight of the sequential marking and numbering, it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the markings are visible.  In the case of the Piston head (if a carbon producing oil is used), the competitor will be allowed to scrape any carbon deposit  off  to reveal the official marking and numbering.

The cards will be available from TABOR at the race meeting. 

1.3.21 ( coronavirus restrictions pay apply)