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  1. Mix up 5 Litres of Super unleaded fuel with Castrol R 40 oil ( or a very similar Castor racing oil) at a ratio of 300ml of oil to 5 L of Fuel. Shake vigorously to mix up well.
  2. Fill the Kart tank with the R40/ Castor racing oil fuel mixture and run-in on the circuit as follows using `rich` carburettor settings (see section 3 directly below):
      • 2 minutes at 8,000 revs;
      • 3 minutes at 10.000 revs;
      • *+ 10 minutes up to 12.000 revs, at which point initiate a hand choke; 
      • *+10 minutes up to  14,000,  at which point initiate a hand choke; 
      • *+10  minutes up to full power,  running `rich` on carburettor main jet setting. ( approx. 1 + 1/2  to 2 turns out) gradually adjusting the main jet to the optimum setting for the days’ conditions, applying hand chokes where the throttle is fully open prior to each braking zone before the brake is applied.
        *   The engine ‘4-strokes’  ( power flat-lines on revs because of over-rich main jet setting on the carburettor.
        + ‘Hand choke’ involves the complete covering of the noise box air intake ( by hand), whilst the throttle is fully open.   Power drive will cease as the engine is momentarily flooded with the increased petroil mix,  thereafter withdraw hand from covering the noise box air intake –  power drive will be resumed. 
        This has created an increase of oil ( lubrication)  into the engine at the time when it needs lubrication the most.  
  1. The Recommended carburettor approximate settings:
LYNX Slow running jet:  1 + ¼  turns out Main jet:   1 + ¼  to 1 + ½ turns out
Slow running jet: 1 + ¼  turns out Main jet:  1 + 3/8 to 1 + ¾ turns out
The carburetor setting is dependent upon
weather  conditions and restrictor size.
  1. When running-in the engine, especially in cold weather conditions, ensure that from 12.000 revs onwards the engine comes up to a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Centigrade. This can be achieved by adding/removing strips of  ‘tank tape’  on the face of the radiator ( facing the on-coming air-flow).
  2. Once run-in, continue using the remainder of R40 / Castor racing oil mixed fuel.
    Then continue to use / race on another 5 litres of the R40 / Castor racing oil mixed fuel.    Thereafter,  as required, mix Castrol A747 oil with fuel at a mix of 275ml of oil to 5 litres of fuel.  If Castrol R40 is used, there is no need to drain out the remaining fuel mix, just top up as required with the new Castrol A747 fuel mix.

Should you need any more information please contact.

Ron Shone at Tabor Karting 01305 774074      or

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