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Lynx Engine Installation

digital ignition circuit


1)If the  the axle is already out, then slide over the axle and fix on to the pulley. It is also possible to cut the two belts and Super -Glue together having fitted them around the rear axle. NB. use a superior quality Super Glue.  As an alternative, brided clip together bands are now available. 
2) Install the Water pump ( 1 screw M6x 45 with washer and self locking nut) on the pump bracket on the rear cross rail (see figure 1.) In case there is no bracket for this purpose it is necessary to install the pump on removable clamps available diameters, 28/30/32mm as accessories (see figure 2) Tighten by hand the screw on the pump letting it free to rotate for the tensioning of the belts.
3) Install on the axle the driving pulley (clamps available in different diameters (30/40/50mm) Aligning it`s races with the driven pulley. Tighten the clamps with two screws ( M6 x M25 ) Install the Belts and tensions (see fig. 4)

water cooling system 1

4) Place the Radiator support bracket on the side rail, brake side (tighten the bolts by hand )
5) Place the radiator so that the hole on the radiator fixing support and one of the upper holes of the bearing support box match.

water cooling system 2

Once you find the correct position fix & tighten the whole assembly.
6) The Kit includes two rubber hoses. Connect the first hose to the fitting on the radiator inlet and the fitting on the engine outlet, tighten with steel clamps. (see fig. 10.) 7) Cut the second hose at an appropriate length to connect, on one side, the fitting on the radiator outlet and the pump inlet and on the other side the fittings on the pump outlet and the engine inlet (See fig. 10.) Fix with steel clamps

water cooling system 4


    • Unscrew the cap on the radiator and loosen the breather plug on the engine head.
    • Fill the radiator until the water comes out from the plug on the head (there is no air in the system now) and the radiator is completely filled. Tighten the cap (the system contains approx. 1 ltr. of water)
    • It is advisable to put a small cup to recover water from the breather on the cap in case of boiling water.
    • After the engine is run-in, check the water level in the radiator and top up if necessary.
    • We recommend you fill the radiator with a water coolant mix, not just plain water.(We use Castol water coolant, available in 1 litre tubs)

The following stages on engine installation to follow soon ! .

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