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Lynx Battery

Battery Maintenance    (LYNX TABOR range of Engines )


The battery (12 V – 9 Ah) is sealed and without maintenance.

In order to lengthen the battery life it is necessary though to follow a few recommendations­:

  • When the tension drops below 12.6V. It is necessary to recharge the battery.
  • Max. allowed recharging current is 1.8A
  • The ideal recharge is achieved with an average charging current of 0.8 = 1 A. (recharging time of appr. 10 h.) and at an ambient temperature between 0° and 40°C.


An overcharge or an extremely Quick charge with excessive current could damage the battery (the battery would tend to swell)

Choose a battery charger with the following characteristics:

Feed tension: 90f250 Vac – 50160 Hz
Outlet tension: 15 V full charge – 13.8 stand-by
Max. outlet current: 2A full charge
During transportation or storage the battery could loose its charge due to the self discharge (0.1 % max per day)
Fully recharge battery before use.


Always connect the – (negative) terminal before and the pole + (positive terminal after) .

Always disconnect the battery in opposite order.

  • Recharge the battery at least once every few months.
  • Never put the battery in contact with solvents, oils, plastifiers or rags containing such elements. The external case of the battery could be damaged.
  • Never press or bend or overheat (by welding) the battery terminals.

Other recommendations:

  • Pay attention not to have free fires upon or around the battery.
  • Never short-circuit the terminals.
  • Never open the battery or throw it in the fire.
  • In case the electrolyte (diluted Sulfuric Acid) gets in contact with skin or clothes, wash immediately with water. In case it gets in touch with eyes, wash and apply for medical assistance.
  • Carefully check the external case of battery and replace in case of breakages, swellings of the case or of battery cover.
  • Before use, clean the battery from dust and check that the terminals are not oxydized or damaged.
  • When the battery comes to an end never throw it in the garbage but deliver it to an authorized disposer.
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