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2 Counties Club – Championship Regulations

2 Counties Kart Club Championship Regulations

2 Counties Kart Club Championship Regulations


1.1 TITLE & JURISDICTION – The 2 Counties Club Championship is organized and administered by the 2 Counties Kart Club in accordance with the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Championship regulations.

Championship Permit number No:  CH2024/K014 (D)


1.2.1 The Co-ordinator / Comp.Sec. – Mrs. Julie Shone. email.       mail@planetkarting.co.uk

1.2.2 Eligibility Scrutineer: Mr. Keith Ramsbottom

1.2.3 Championship Stewards – Mr. Alan Cleal, Mrs. Karen Langham, Mr. Howie Chapel


1.3.1 Entrants must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members  of the 2 Counties Kart Club and be in possession of a valid Motorsort UK Entrants Licence.  Competitors under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by the holder of a kart PG Entrant’s license who must sign on as the Entrant of that competitor.

1.3.2 Drivers and Entrant /Drivers must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of the 2 Counties Kart Club, be registered for the Championship  and be in possession of a valid MotorsportUK Competition clubman status licence , as a minimum.
A competitor shall not take time off school to participate in motor sport without the prior written approval of their school. If participation in the Championship requires absence from school, Drivers in full time school education are required to have the approval of their head teacher and a letter stating such approval from his/her school in order to fulfil registration for the Championship.
All necessary documentation/membership cards must be available and presented for checking at all rounds when signing on.

1.3.3   A Team is a commercial race company or racing team hosting drivers in providing race services or covered accommodation in the Championship and receiving financial gain where the principal is not also the PG Entrant licence holder.  This includes the use of team names, team sticker kits and team race suits/clothing:

A Team shall at all times uphold and respect the provisions of the Respect Code, the General Regulations and these Championship Regulations as may be amended from time to time and shall;  

  1. a) hold a valid Motorsport UK Entrant licence; 
  2. b) have at least £5 million Public Liability Insurance; 

c)uphold the values of the Respect Code and all applicable Motorsport UK policies and guidance; 

d)act in a professional manner at all times and not act or permit any member of the Team to act in such a manner as to bring motor sport, the Championship or Motorsport UK or any of its officers and officials into disrespect; 
(e)       adhere to the Motorsport UK Safeguarding Policies and guidance documents, complete Safeguarding training when required and ensure that any person undertaking Regulated Activity is the holder of a valid suitability check certificate supplied through Motorsport UK; 

f)adhere to the General Regulations in respect of anti-alcohol and illicit drugs as well as Motorsport UK     
processes for anti-alcohol and illicit drugs testing;

(g) nominate one member of their Team as the Team Representative at each meeting including but not
 exclusively for the purpose of all judicial proceedings at Events and who shall be present at all judicial   
 proceedings concerning drivers entered under that Team licence in substitution for the driver Parent/Legal  Guardian.  It is recommended the Team has:  

(a) a designated team member as a 1st 4Sport, Level 2 qualified coach;  

(b) a designated UKAD Certified Advisor, and

(c) be responsible for carrying out and documenting a risk assessment of their activities; (risk assessment  
            management tool available) 
1.3.4    All necessary documents must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing on

1.4  REGISTRATION – The Registration / Membership fee for 2024 is £ 40 Senior, £ 20 Cadet & Junior ( £ 20  for each additional family member) The 2 Counties club has the right to refuse or return a driver registration / membership, should it deem fit to do so.

1.4.1 Each competitor must be registered with the Club before the start of racing at the first qualifying round for each  class. Any rounds competed in before registration will not be counted.

1.5 CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS 2024- The Championship will be contested as follows: 6 qualifying rounds with the best of 5 to count. Organising clubs and fixtures for 2024 as follows:
10th March – Clay Pigeon,  7th April – Forest Edge. 14th July – Clay Pigeon,  8th September – Clay Pigeon,  6th October – Forest Edge,  10th November – Clay Pigeon ( including Matthew Percy memorial race 2024)

To be eligible to win the Matthew Percy Memorial Trophy, a driver must have already competed in at least one  previous 2 Counties club round in that year.


1.6.1 In each Round, the Result is achieved by adding together the ‘Final’ start grid plus the ‘Final’ Finish order. Points are scored as follows:-

1st = 0 points; 2nd = 2 points; 3rd = 3 points, down to last or 49th place (50th onwards will all score 50 points) Non finishers will score grid + 1. Non attendees will score 100 points. The lowest scored total is the Winner. Exclusion from a Final scores 50 points. Exclusion from meeting scores 100 points.

1.6.2 A tie shall be resolved by

1) the dropped Round

2) the highest score in Round 1

3) the highest finisher in the Final of Round 1

4) the highest starter in the Final of Round 1

The Championship will be decided by the best scores from 5 meetings.

Should there be any cancellations beyond 4 meetings then the total score from all rounds completed will count.

1.6.3 Championship points appeal according to C6.5

1.6.4 The 6th round carries a 100 point non-attendance penalty which cannot be dropped.In the case of the Matthew Percy trophy race, the winner will be decided by the lowest points score from the ‘Final’ Start position and the ‘Final’ Finish position added together. In the event of a tie, the higher finish position on the track, in the Final,  will decide.


1.7.1 As per. Host clubs’ SRs’.

1.7.2 Championship Trophies / awards according to entries on a 4.1.basis will be presented at a separate presentation event,  drivers must be present to collect.


1.7.3 It is mandatory for all competitors to attend all Drivers Briefings arranged by the Clerk of the Course

1.7.4 Title to awards – In the event of any provisional result or Championship tables being revised after any provisional presentation and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards, the competitor concerned must return such awards to the 2 Counties Kart Club in good condition within 7 days.

1.7.5 Entertainment Tax Liability
In accordance with current government legislation, the 2 Counties kart club is legally obliged to withhold tax at the basic rate on all payments to non-UK resident sportsmen/women and account to HMRC using form FEU1, the quarterly return of payments made to non-resident entertainers and sportsmen/women.
That is, those persons who do not have a normal permanent residence in the UK.  The UK does not include the Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Eire.  This means that, as the organiser, the Club is required to deduct tax at the current rate applicable from any such payments they may make to non-UK residents.
Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for competitors to enter into an agreement with the Inland Revenue to limit the tax withheld.  Any application for such an arrangement must be made in writing and not later than 30 days before the payment is due.
For further information contact:- HMRC Personal Tax International, Foreign Entertainers Unit, St John’s House, Merton Road, Liverpool L75 1BB.  Tel:  0151 472 6488  Fax:  0151 472 6483.

    1 . Rounds : In accordance with Section C of the current MOTORSPORT UK yearbook.  The  2 Counties kart club competitors will conform with the host clubs requirements / regulations regarding CIK FIA judicial procedures being run on that day by the host club.   

 2.2 Championship:  In accordance with Section C of the current MOTORSPORT UK yearbook AND U21.2. these regulations.

2.3 By registering for the Championship all competitors, and their associates, commit to the Motorsport UK Race with  Respect Campaign  and agree to positively promote and demonstrate the Racing Code, which is appended to these regulations. See appendix 1

2.3.1  Where any reports of disrespectful conduct are judged to be well founded the Championship organizers may issue warnings or require remedial actions and / or report the matter to the Championship Stewards who may impose appropriated penalties which can include loss of Championship points and /or race bans through to Championship Expulsion and referral to the Motorsport UK

2.3.2  It is imperative that we promote the safety and wellbeing of young people and adults at risk.  In addition to this all participants must be aware of their behaviour and conduct at all times and abusive language and harmful behaviour will not be tolerated.  Any such incidents must be reported to the club Safeguarding Officer and / or Motorsport UK. The Motorsport UK Safeguarding policy, guidance document including reporting mechanisms are available on the Motorsport UK website.


ENTRIES – Supplementary regulations and entry forms / on-line entries will be open & available to all

Entries must be made prior to the entry closing date. Competitors are responsible for sending in correct and complete entries with the correct entry fee to arrive prior to the closing dates, which will be 7 days prior to race day. Late entries will be allocated a rear of grid start for all heats.

3.1.1 Entries will only be acknowledged by post if requested, and by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the host club.

The entry fee will be according to the S.R.’s for each meeting.

3.1.2 The entry fee will only be refunded if withdrawn prior to the closing date.
3.2  PRACTICE -Official practice will be the minimum period as specified in the Motorsport UK Regulations
3.3.1. The maximum grid will not exceed the Motorsport UK Track License requirements for each track.
3.3.2 For all classes, the grid positions will be allocated  by the host club.

3.4.1. Race duration will be as specified in the S.R.’s for the meeting.

3.4.2. Heats and Finals duration may be reduced in wet weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances and will be announced on the dummy grid accordingly prior to the race. Changes can also be made during racing for safety reasons.


3.5.1 Pre-race will be as per S.R’s

All competitors will be given a scrutineering card which they have SOLE responsibility to fill in  correctly and hand to the scrutineer at pre-race scrutineering.  The cards must be signed by the driver or the P.G. as  applicable. These cards will be the only method used to check that each competitor is using at all times the equipment declared and presented by him/her at pre-race scrutineering.

3.5.2 At any post-race scrutineering the chassis and engine number must be those stated on the scrutineering card. Should it  be found that the chassis or engines do not comply with the above requirements it will be considered to be a matter of fact for which there will be no appeal.

3.5.3 Post race scrutineering will take place after heats and finals and all results are deemed provisional until all karts are  released by the Scrutineer and/or after completions of any Judicial or Technical procedures, including the testing of   fuel, which may take several days.


3.6.1 All results from the days racing will be posted on the day as provisional for a period of 30 minutes after which they become final.

3.6.2 Championship point’s tables will be posted on the internet. www.planetkarting.co.uk after each round and after the  final round. They will become final 7 days after the posting date provided no queries are received. Anyone wishing to have the results posted to them must supply stamped and addressed envelopes for each round at the time of Registration. Any queries regarding points must reach the coordinator in writing within the stated 7 days.



4.1.1. Arising from post-race scrutineering or Judicial Action, an exclusion from the whole meeting will incur Motorsport uk  regulations C3.5.1

4.1.2. Infringement of non-technical Motorsport UK Karting  regulations and the Sporting regulations issued herewith and individual  S.R.’s as per current Motorsport UK Karting yearbook Judicial Procedure Regulations.

  1. TECHNICAL REGULATIONS – Motorsport UK Specific current Karting Technical Regulations apply together  with the current Motorsport UK Karting yearbook regulations

5.1.1 RACE CLASSES – Cadet Honda, Junior Blue, Formula Blue.

5.1.2. TYRES – Regulations as per Motorsport UK Karting yearbook regulations / Specific Class Regulations / ASR’s of host club.

5.2 CHASSIS – All classes will be allowed one chassis. In the event of an accident, during a race, in which the   competitor has not finished and has received maximum non-finishing penalty points, a frame exchange may be allowed. The damaged kart must be shown to the Eligibility Scrutineer prior to leaving the circuit and park ferme. The  Eligibility Scrutineer must be satisfied that the frame is beyond repair. The replacement frame must be bare i.e.  no parts fitted and of the same specification. Once the frame exchange has been completed the original and  damaged frame must be deposited with the Scrutineers prior to continued involvement in the race meeting.


A socially-minded standard of behaviour is expected from everyone within the motorsport community.

By participating in a Motorsport UK event in any capacity you agree to follow the values of the Respect Code:



The Values


  • Respect
  • Integrity                             
  • Self Control
  • Fair Play
  • Good Manners


I pledge to #RaceWithRespect and:

  • Contribute to a welcoming and friendly environment that ensures the safety and welfare of all participants.


  • Always behave with integrity and uphold fairness in the sport; play your part in keeping the sport safe through your actions


  • Treat everyone with respect, regardless of their gender, ethnic or social background, language, religious or other beliefs, disability, sexual identity or other status


  • Recognise that we all represent the sport and therefore have a duty to be polite and respectful to all staff, officials, fellow competitors, volunteers, as well as fans and supporters


  • Respect the rules, regulations and authority of the officials and Motorsport UK


Any breach of these obligations may result in disciplinary action.





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