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TABOR announce the details of the much anticipated AUTUMN EXTRAVAGANZA – the INDYBLUE T&T

It will be held within the club meeting at Mansell Raceway on October 29th ( with practice/testing on Saturday 28th )

TORSTER TRAVEL, the 2023 sponsor, will be in attendance during the race weekend, with advice and special offers on holidays.

This will be the first official race meeting following the NKRA Grande Finals where the newly won race numbers will be on parade!

Competitors must be registered with the NKRA – New registrations close at 10am on August 27th 2023

T&C’s for INDYBLUE T&T  Championship 2023

NKRA race regulations and Tabor Formula Blue class  regulations apply

  • Grid + Result (if a tie, highest in final).
  • Age categories: Open, over 30 (Master), over 45 (Veteran), over 60 (Legend) and over 90KG (Top Weight).
  • If a racer wins in several categories, then only highest prize fund award will be given.
  • Novice (under 3 NKRA races) and late entries to start from back in heats.

Prize fund awards. Voucher or prize fund:

Junior Blue – £300, £200 & £100

Formula Blue – £1000, £500, £300, £200 & £100

Blue Master – £150, £100 & £50                 
Blue Veteran – £150, £100 & £50
Blue Legend – £150, £100 & £50
Blue Top Weight – £150, £100 & £50

Special Award for Driver of the Day TBC

Torster Travel T&C’s for event

  • ‘Experience voucher’ prizes must be claimed by 20th November at 9am, or will become void. E.g., if an experience voucher has been won, winner must contact Serita ( to accept prize by 20th November 2023 at 9am for ticket/voucher to be issued. Ticket/voucher will then be issued within 48 hours of request. If no contact has been made by this date prize will be void.
  • Experience vouchers usually have 12 months validity and their own booking conditions. This will be specified once ticket/voucher has been issued.
  •     If the holiday selected is more than voucher value the difference must be paid by the winner.
  •     If less, any money not used from the ‘holiday voucher booking’ it can be used towards                  
        additional bookings, or in purchasing experience voucher/s to total value of voucher won
  •    In specific circumstances where a holiday is not suitable, a swap to Tabor vouchers can be
       offered at 60% of the total value of holiday voucher. E.g., £300 holiday voucher becomes
       £180 Tabor Voucher.
  •    The decision to accept the holiday voucher value (which needs to be used/holiday booked by 31st
    December 2024), or to accept a swap for 60% of value in Tabor vouchers (to be used in 2024
    season), must be communicated in writing to Serita ( by Friday 17th
    November 2023 at 9am. If no notification has been received to take Tabor voucher over Torster
    Travel holiday vouchers by this date, then it is assumed the holiday voucher has been accepted
    and no swap will be given.
  •   Tabor voucher swap option is only available on prize fund value of £300, £500 and £1000 prizes
    that are won.       
  • No cash alternative given.  Tabor vouchers cannot be used towards bills or invoices from the 2023
    race season.  Tabor vouchers are not transferrable and may only be used for Formula Blue Class
    parts or tyres.
    – Due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control, trophies and prizes are now to be presented
    at the 2023 2CKC/NKRA Dinner Dance.  You will be notified within 48 hours of race ending what
    you have won – please refer to T&C’s above reference claiming holiday vouchers.
    If you are unable to attend the Dinner Dance please speak to Serita at Torster Travel, who will be in
    attendance at the race meeting.   


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