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After a 2 month, lay-off whilst competitors concentrated on the NKRA Championships, drivers were back with a focus on the Club Championships.

In the Cadet HONDA class, Hugh Moulton scored minimum points with a Pole to flag win. Behind him, Scott Marsh takes up 2nd spot in the Championship with 4 points followed by Benjamin Bartlett on 6 points.

In Junior Blue, Mitchell Carpenter’s day came to a dramatic end when in heat 3 he was excluded from the meeting after failing to observe a black flag.

Formula BLUE was the main class of the day. Here Mike Bell won the day scoring 3 points following pole position and 3rd place at the flag. Second place overall went to Russell O’Neill following a 2nd place finish from grid two. The first past the flag was Toby Cook, who finished 3rd overall after a grid 5 start. Notable performances came from David Waldron and Robin Stoddart-Stones who finished 4th & 5th, with 8 and 9 points respectively.

Russell O’Neill reinforces his lead in the BLUE Master sections with a pole to flag win. David Waldron and Robin Stoddart-Stones shared 2nd place on the day and move up to 2nd and 3rd in the Championship as consequence.

In the BLUE Veteran sub-class, it is David Waldron who takes the overall lead, chased home by Robin Stoddart-Stones. Not to be outdone Stoddart-Stones, with a minimum 0 points score, takes over the lead in the BLUE Legend section.

In the last of the sub-groups, namely BLUE Top Weight, Rob Mortimore, by virtue of his pole to flag win, not only takes the day but also established the overall lead in the Championship. It is Ron shone who chases him home.

The Championship now moves on to Forest Edge on October 6th for the next 2 Counties round.

For more information and points up-date please go to the results sections on the website or CLICK HERE.

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