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Without prejudice.

Over the past weeks, engines have been presented to TABOR by drivers in the Formula Blue class, for legality ( class compliance) checks.   Three engines, sold by Mr. Lattimer  (of Spa race engines, Droitwich) were found to be non-compliant for racing in the Formula Blue class and would have resulted in exclusions, had the relevant part been checked in post-race scrutineering.  The non-compliance issues included:-
1 x  Engine  I / D number removed, then falsely  over-stamped with an engine number that  already belonged to another driver
1  x  Crankcase I /D numbers removed with false ones re-stamped.
2 x   Maxi  crankcase machined to facilitate  a Leopard crank assy
1 x   Non-original  con rod ( a T.M.)  fitted to a  Leopard crank assy
1  x  Incorrect cylinder fitted to Maxi
1  x  Incorrect cylinder fitted to a Leopard
1  x  Cylinder   with non-compliant port heights on Maxi
1  x  Cylinder  with non-compliant port heights on Leopard
1  x  Over bored cylinder in Leopard
1  x  Cylinder head machined, then re-anodised for Maxi
1  x  Cylinder head anodised blue colour,  then re-anodised green,  finally upper visible area sprayed Black
1  x  Ignition unmarked and not sequentially numbered.
1  x  Ignition with un-matched sequential numbers
1  x  Clutch unmarked, not sequentially numbered
1  x  Piston unmarked, not sequentially numbered
1  x  Non-compliant sprocket fitted ( 11t)
1  x  Non-compliant starter motor
1  x  Non-original reed block
2  x  Upgrade reed petals fitted ( 2.5mm carbon fibre)
1  x  Non-original reed stuffer block ( Ital)
1  x  Modified reed stuffer block ( machined and polished)

Tabor considers these issues to be extremely serious as they could enhance performance within the Formula Blue class.   Mr. Lattimer was given the opportunity to counter these claims but has failed to adequately do so, he is therefore considered as bringing Formula Blue into disrepute and has been removed, with immediate effect, from the TABOR supply list. 
Reports on the engines have been made and supplied to the owners concerned, should they consider action necessary. Tabor has been advised that a refund in one instance has already been made.

It is further recommended that, in view of the above, any racer in Formula Blue who has recently either purchased an engine or had an engine service undertaken by Mr. Lattimer / Spa, that they present such engines to TABOR, for class conformity checks, rather than risk race exclusions.

TABOR, as a direct consequence, has announced that they will, in the case of deliberate non-compliance issues, identify individuals or trade outlets whose actions bring the Junior and Formula Blue classes into disrepute.

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