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TROPHY RETURNS – 2 Counties and S & B Automotive Academy Blue Challenge

It is time to return your annual trophies.  Drivers may find it easier to return their trophies to the Clay Pigeon Race meeting on the weekend of  8th / 9th September or to Mansell Raceway on 29th / 30th September.    Trophies to be returned as listed below.   2 Counties Trophies to be returned to  Rob Mortimore  and the S & B Automotive Academy Formula Blue trophies to Julie Shone .  THANK YOU   

FORMULA BLUE  CHALLENGE- Return to Julie Shone  /   c/o  Tabor mobile shop
2nd  D. McLeod
3rd  M. McLeod

1st  D. McLeod

1st D. McLeod

TWO COUNTIES – Return to Rob Mortimore  ( Chairman) 
1st  J. Wittington
2nd  C. Vaughn

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