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NKRA GRANDE FINAL 2019 – AASR’S – Formula BLUE Class

Additional (2) Supplementary regulations

Several people have bought ‘used’ equipment recently that when checked has been found to be non-compliant with the Formula Blue Regulations.
Attention is drawn to regulation FB1.4 especially to ‘modifications or alterations’, ‘sequential numbered’ and ‘recorded with the Importers (TABOR) prior to racing’.
The Formula Blue rules, along with the Guidelines and Interpretations can be viewed on the web page, on the Race class info. drop-down menu.

The sequentially numbered parts are: CLUTCH DRUM; CLUTCH; CYLINDER; PISTON; IGNITION (Rotor and Stator; should be the same on each part) and ECU.

To complement post-race scrutineering and to ensure compliance with the requirement for marked and sequential numbering, a Formula Blue specific, additional Scrutineering card will be issued, where the sequentially numbered parts must be listed against the engine(s) in use.
This will be extra to the standard scrutineering card, as supplied by the host club, and must be presented to the scrutineer at the time of pre-race scrutineering. If during the meeting the information becomes incorrect (eg; one changed the clutch) the scrutineers must be informed in writing, e.g: Go see the scrutineer and change the card.)
The cards will be available from Tabor

For Formula Blue competitors, this requirement will have no effect other than an extra minute of clerical attention. It will, however, help to protect them from any competitor who may be considering competing outside of the rules and regulations. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

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