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There has, over the past weeks, been a surge of interest in the Formula Blue Class.  However, because of the Covid 19 Pandemic situation, the  Italian factory that produces the Lynx, Maxi and Leopard engines have a delay in the supply, following lockdown.   TABOR report that with the exception of one Lynx engine, all new Engines in stock have been sold over the past month.
There is now a need for second hand / used engines to be available in order to fill the vacuum, whilst the manufacturers catch up with production.
Karters who are no longer involved in racing are invited to offer engines for purchase ( in any condition) to TABOR ,   Price is determined by 1) Bore; 2) History; 3) Condition. The engines used in Formula Blue must be box standard.   This does not, however, preclude some modified engines, as the “offending” part(s)  can, in many cases, be removed and replaced, as long as crankcase and /or cylinder are untouched. The offer price will obviously reflect such circumstances.
Interested parties are asked to contact TABOR on 01305 774074

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