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David Watts, who has come so close all year, pulled it off in the Final Round of the Formula BLUE CHALLENGE, held at Forest Edge on 4th August. His determination showed through as he converted his Pole position into the Win! Behind him, a battle ‘Royale’ took place between Taylor Waldron, Russell O’Neill and reigning champion Anthony Cleal. The lap times of the four separated by only tenths of a second. In the end, it was Taylor Waldron who crossed the line under half a second ahead of Russell O’Neill. He, in turn, was pursued by Cleal, a mere 0.2 seconds behind. Toby Cook who had to catch this group, having started a grid row behind was also only 0.2 seconds off. This led to an incredible race, during the last few laps and the ultimate scramble for the line. O’Neill completed a stunning day’s racing by winning the Master sub-group from Cleal, the ultimate Master! Robin Stoddart-Stones also had a good day finishing in 3rd position.

Cleal did, however, take the Veteran group from Stoddart-Stones with Paul Alexander finishing in 3rd place.

In the Legend section, Stoddart-Stones was supreme in beating David Goode with an underperforming Ron Shone trailing home in 3rd place.

Rob Mortimore, coming to grips with his New Kart and running ‘rich’, following an engine re-build, still breezed the top Weight group. Once again a ‘Lame’ Ron shone finished 2nd.
With a welcome break now available to the Blue racers, soon the attention will be focused on the National Kart Racing Association Grande Finals, which this year is on 1st September at the Forest Edge circuit.

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